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Rigatoni with pork, tomato and cream

Rigatoni with pork, tomato and cream


 The best dish for those long and cold winter evenings could probably be this delicious belly warming recipe. Pasta is my favourite ingredient so this is very often on our table. The recipe is really easy and quick, so you can have it during a work week. 

You will need:

500 g of minced pork

1 pack Rigatoni pasta

1 onion

olive oil, salt, pepper, bay leaf

can of chopped ​​tomatoes

1 whipping cream

Parmesan for serving


  First we bring a pot full of cold water to the boil. When the water reach the boiling point, add salt and pasta. The water is very precious to us, so please do not disgust it all. Chop the onion finely and fry it on olive oil with one or two bay leafs, until golden. Add the minced meat and cook it for about 12 min, until ready. Add tomatoes, let it cook for other 7 minutes, season it with salt and pepper. Put the stove on a low temperature and pour whipped cream into the sauce. Stir well, and pour the drained pasta together with three spoons of pasta water. Stir everything together well, turn off the heat. If the sauce looks too thick, you can add water from the pasta, if is too watery, you can add some grated parmesan. Eventually, serve it with some grated parmesan on the top, and be prepared, you are going to need tons of cheese, everyone is going to get extra portion, it is deliciously good..

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