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Beef bird rolls

Beef bird rolls

My boys always work so hard on the weekends. They are chopping or bringing the wood into the house, or other mens work around the house. Even the smaller ones are trying to be helpful. Our older son really wanted to get a wheelbarrow for a christmas, when he found it under the christmas tree, all other important toys were left forgoten. I wouldnt mind, if it did not take a fifty kilometres to drive to get them. Never mind, my boy started heading for a promissing Bio farmer career. Just like his mum dreamed of.  I always try to cook a saturday lunch on the friday. When you live surrounded by men, you get questioned, if the lunch is ready, like every five minutes since eleven am.  This great recipe surrounded my childhood, and boys just love it, go and give it a try.

You will need:

rump steaks


sewing thred

salt, pepper


carrot, peeled and cooked (1/4 for a slice)

eggs cooked hard (1/4 for a slice)

pickled cucumber (1/4 for a slice)

sausage (1/4 for a slice)

beef stock

onion, cutted fine

plain flour and cold water


Beat the beef slices from both sides. Season it from both sides too. Then lay them next to each one and spread a bit of mustard on every single one (only one side). Add a bit of egg, sausage, carrot and cucumber on each one. Now try to wrap each roll as a present and twist the sewing thred around it to secure it before cooking.

In the pot fry the onion on bit of lard, or any other fat. Than add the beef packs and quickly fry them from each side. Now you can add your stock, or simply just the water and cook it until is the meat soft. When ready, take out the beef, and get rid of the sewing thred. Sieve the sauce and thicken it up with some flour mixed in the cold water. When you get thicknes, you want, leave it to boil for another couple of minutes and you are ready to serve. This dish goes lovely with rice and cutting the meat roll in the middle gives you a great looking effect.