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Paprika chicken

Paprika chicken

Are you tired of roasted chicken? Than this simple recipe is right for you. There is one great plus to it, kids love it unconditionally.

You will need:



chicken stock and chicken( whole pepper, bayleaf, parsley, carrot, green of parsley)


paprika, salt, pepper

plain flour

whipping cream


Place the chicken in to the pot full of cold water with all the ingredients for chicken stock and cook, until tender. Than take out the chicken, pull the meat of the bones. Fry thinly sliced onion on the butter, when it turns golden, add paprika and pepper,pour in the chicken stock. leave it to boil for a few minutes and than add some four whisked in half cup of cold water. roughly about 1/4 cup of flour an 1/2 cup of water. Stir well and again leave it to boil for a few minutes. Now is the time to pour in some cream, make it creamy as much you like it. You can add the meat.  Do not leave it to cook for too long now, just quickly season with salt. It goes well with pasta or dumplings.