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Carlsbad dumpling

Carlsbad dumpling

People in Slovakia and Czech have something in common. No. I am not talking about beautiful women, or alcohol. Lets stay with the food. They always fancied dumplings. This dough craziness is a well known weakness of Czechoslovak’s. It is dating back to 17. century. You can find a thousands of recipes around the world, they even cook them in China. But here in Europe, we do believe, ours are the best. Every one of us can remember their mother or grandmother cooking them, you would even get them twice a week in the school lunch. So simple as that, even if you tried to hate them, they did force you to like them…

This one down bellow is pretty special, shares the name with my hometown.

You will need:

150-200 g of semolina or rough strong flour

500 g of white bread

6 eggs

handful of parsley, chopped


white pepper and salt

200 ml of milk


Separate the eggs whites and yolks. whisk the whites with pinch of salt into the fluffy snow. Meanwhile, if you have a spare hand, you can cut bread into small pieces, pour the milk over it and mix it. Than you can add the parsley, egg yolks, seasoning,  nutmeg and salt. When mixed well, add the snow made of whites and stir it really slowly into a dough. After all, again slowly add the semolina and stir well. Now, you are probably going to get dirty. Using both hands, try to create a two rolls of the same size, not like me on the pictures. This will make it easier, with the cooking time. Place each of them rolls on a cling film and wrap them up.

Heat up a big pot of water, when it starts boiling, add a dumpling rolls and cook them for 20 minutes. When done, unwrap them and cut into slices..

Serve with sauces or any kind of dish, you would use a bread too.