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Plantain cough sirup

Plantain cough sirup

With kids, there is always a struggle to keep the family healthy. With this homemade medicine, you might stay away from cough and chest infections for good. It is seriously easy to make and it tastes yummy.

You will need:

leafs of plantain (picture 1), washed and dried


glass jar

picture 1


Put a washed and dried plantain leafs into a jar, suppress them a bit and cover with a sugar. Carry on, until you use all your leafs. End the circle with a sugar on the top. Then close the jar and keep it in the warm and light space for about 7/14 days. The sugar starts to melt and it soaks all the good stuff we want.

After this separate the sirup from the jar, sieving it through a sieve or cotton rug. Store the sirup in a fridge for a next few months. You can use up to 3 tbsp a day, for a cough or chest infections. You should really ask you doctor for help, if your wont feel better after 3 days, or in case any other serious matter.


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