Feeding my family and your mind

About me

My story begins some years ago in a small town, called Karlsbad in Czech. I was born into a big family. Two sisters, one brother and me. Mum always cooked soup in these huge pots. It was all about traditional czech meals. As long as I can remember, she spent all of her time in the kitchen. And I think, this is the beginning of my cooking experiments.

After school I decided to gain some life and language skills in Great Brittain. Here I met my husband. God knows, what spell did he actually used, but it worked really well. I moved with him to Slovakia. Here in the middle of the countryside, we set our roots and had a first baby Filip.

Suddenly I was in the middle of another world. Big garden, domestic animals and motherhood. This was a whole new chapter. After a while baby David arrived. Obviously, they all need to eat something. I found myself spending most of the time in the kitchen (just like my mum) or in the garden. Surprisingly, I never started to hate it, more likely the other way around. I felt this is it, this is, what makes me happy and fulfill my life. Keeping our family magic  warm in these huge pots of soup.

I am not a professional cook, photographer or writer. I just do, what I like.

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